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New Release

My new limited edition vampire anthology comes out October 20th for just 99 cents! Eternal Bite!  

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One can never get enough of vampires. This collection of 9 all new, never-before-read Paranormal Romances includes all your favorite steamy romance tropes in one wild ride. Sexy vampires, seductive shifters, forbidden love, reverse harems, enemies to lovers, fated mates, powerful fae, … and much, much more.

In Chaste Blood, Princess Sinna is sent to seduce a vampire king and steal his immortality but the price of failure is high.  

In Deathly Touch, Jazmine must stop supernatural kidnappings with the only being able to survive her touch; a vampire with secret motives of his own.

In The Vampire Cure, scientist Liz’s search for a cure to a pandemic leads to an even deadlier discovery.

In Hunting Haven, Haven goes on the run with an ex-hunter from a sinister being who’ll do anything to make her his mate. In Blood Claimed, vampire Alexander must fight his own urges when he’s assigned to protect a human’s whose blood is like a siren call to all vampires. In His Soul to Keep, Makai fights against ruthless competitors for a woman whose bloodline is a rare commodity.

In Dark Prince’s Captive, River fights off a descendent of Dracula from fulfilling a bloody ritual. In Blood Thorn, Ainsley meets a hot but insane vampiric fae who claims she’s a vampire queen who can save his kind from extinction.

In Vampira Crescent Academy, half vampire/half werewolf, Valentina must fight her way through a cut throat academy for the elite, while hiding a disabling condition.

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Oh, and don’t forget to check out my latest Vampire Anthology, Eternal Bite, out on October 20th for just 99 cents! 

New Book Release

Ready to read all about Felix’s story and why and how he lost his memories? Mystic Memories will be arriving June 23rd and is available now for pre-order!

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Mystic Memories

Cover Reveal and ARC request!

Book 3 is finally coming, Mystic Awakenings. Out March 24th and available for Pre-Order now!

I’m also looking for readers who will get an advanced copy of the novel for free in exchange for a review on Amazon/Goodreads. If you are interested let me know!

Someone wants me dead and that’s just the start of my problems.

I finally know the sinister forces behind the many attacks on my life and the other members of The Six. Awakened by the return of magic to the world, the first soulmates want their reigning power back. The only problem? There can only be one strong soulmate pairing at a time and the new soulmates, Phillip and I, are in their way.

With this new knowledge, my friends and I are on the hunt to find the original soulmates and build allies to fight their growing legion.  However, the rising threat of a possible disease that affects only paranormals, making them primal and violent, distracts us from our mission. When my town’s cruel, new leader enforces a kill law on all those infected, my fight grows even larger. Can I figure out a way to fight the first soulmates and avoid becoming the next victim of the paranormal disease?

November News!

It’s November, time to give thanks (or keep giving thanks) to our friends, family, and military. This month I’m thankful for the freedom to travel and write. To highlight that I’ll give a quick guide to my birthday trip to Curacao and highlight some reading opportunities I hope you’ll grab (including my new beta request for Mystic Awakenings)!

Curacao Getaway

Curacao is a tiny Caribbean island and if you like water activities and nature this place is for you.


We stayed at the lovely Avila Hotel. The property was upscale with a nice restaurant and pool along with a private beach. There’s also a popular jazz club on site. It wasn’t too far from the down town area, about a 15 minute walk, and other nightlife and restaurants were even closer.


There are many places to eat in this town and if you are a lover of live music there is enough to keep you occupied.

Check out Saint Tropez Ocean Club on a Friday if you want to hear a DJ instead of live music. They played a good mix of everything and the vibe is sexy.

Blues Bar & Restaurant on a Thursday for great live jazz.

Kome Restaurant has really good food and drinks and after 10 p.m. on Saturday there’s a DJ. Not too far from this place are a ton of other options to check out for live music as well.

For authentic food check out Marshe Bieu, the old market building in Willemstad.

For many food options, a bit of shopping and the beach (you’ll have to pay a small fee to access) go to Mambo Beach.


While here it’s a fun idea to go do the Curacao Liquor tour at the Landhuis Chobolobo. I actually learned a few things.

Do a city tour, it’s quick and gets you the lay of the land.

Shop in Punda. It’s the downtown area with a ton of places to eat and buy things.

If you don’t have access to a private beach at your hotel then it’s a great idea to do a beach excursion. There are tons of them and if you are adventurous go do a cave tour and snorkeling. Don’t forget to see the turtles and the flamingos!

If you are more low key there are many options for a spa visit. Or visit Kura Hulanda, a museum for African history on the island.


The country accepts American dollars so no need to exchange your money.

Also cabs can be pretty expensive so many people rent cars. My friend and I just split the cab rides because we were too lazy to drive.

Reading Opportunities

If you’re looking for a chance to read fantasy and paranormal books for free in exchange for an honest review on Amazon and Goodreads, check out this opportunity before the special ends on the 14th!

And I’m still open to readers for reviews for Mystic Realms out now. 

I’m looking for beta readers for book 3 in my Paranormal World Series, Mystic Awakenings. Here’s the draft summary:

Amina finally knows the sinister forces behind the many attacks on her life and the other members of The Six. Awakened by the return of magic to the world, the first soulmates want their reigning power back. The only problem? There can only be one strong soulmate pairing at a time and the new soulmates, Amina and Phillip, are in their way.

Still new to her bond with former enemy, Phillip, Amina is far from ready to find and battle the ancient soulmates. Not to mention, she’s trying to grow her connection with The Six, which is easier said than done since past hurts have caused a fracture in the group. Then there’s the growing threat of a possible disease that affects only Paranormals, making them primal and violent. When the town’s new barbaric leader enforces a kill law on all those infected Amina’s fight grows even larger. Can Amina and her friends come together to prepare to battle the first soulmates, protect themselves against the regressive disease and stay under the radar of the new leader? They don’t have a choice.

And if you still want more books to read check out these fantasy and paranormal romance books on sale on Amazon!

Authors’ Spotlight

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