New Release

My new standalone paranormal romance under my pen name Liz E. Cooper is now out. If you like steamy, green flag romance with a side of sweet omegaverse, check it out! And it’s still just 99c for a limited time!

She saved him from destruction, now he won’t leave her alone.

Swearing to herself she’d never get involved with an alpha due to a devastating loss, Shante, a therapist with magic and an omega, has now gained the attention of an alpha demon. When he asks her for help controlling his beserker rage, she can’t say no. However, maintaining her walls around the handsome alpha proves more challenging than she anticipated.

Devin’s a demon and detective over demonic crimes. He’s also one rage away from losing all that he holds dear. Traumatized from his violent nature as a beserker, he’s sworn off falling in love to protect himself and those around him. However, when he meets the beautiful witch, Shante, he can’t ignore the pull he feels for her. When she agrees to help him control his rage, he begins to surrender his heart to her despite his promise to himself.

As the pair fight to overcome their painful pasts for love, they must deal with the increasing dangers in the city as demon and non-demon relations reach a deadly breaking point.