New Release

My new limited edition vampire anthology comes out October 20th for just 99 cents! Eternal Bite!  

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One can never get enough of vampires. This collection of 9 all new, never-before-read Paranormal Romances includes all your favorite steamy romance tropes in one wild ride. Sexy vampires, seductive shifters, forbidden love, reverse harems, enemies to lovers, fated mates, powerful fae, … and much, much more.

In Chaste Blood, Princess Sinna is sent to seduce a vampire king and steal his immortality but the price of failure is high.  

In Deathly Touch, Jazmine must stop supernatural kidnappings with the only being able to survive her touch; a vampire with secret motives of his own.

In The Vampire Cure, scientist Liz’s search for a cure to a pandemic leads to an even deadlier discovery.

In Hunting Haven, Haven goes on the run with an ex-hunter from a sinister being who’ll do anything to make her his mate. In Blood Claimed, vampire Alexander must fight his own urges when he’s assigned to protect a human’s whose blood is like a siren call to all vampires. In His Soul to Keep, Makai fights against ruthless competitors for a woman whose bloodline is a rare commodity.

In Dark Prince’s Captive, River fights off a descendent of Dracula from fulfilling a bloody ritual. In Blood Thorn, Ainsley meets a hot but insane vampiric fae who claims she’s a vampire queen who can save his kind from extinction.

In Vampira Crescent Academy, half vampire/half werewolf, Valentina must fight her way through a cut throat academy for the elite, while hiding a disabling condition.

Find your next book boyfriend here. Pick up Eternal Bite today from urban fantasy authors Avery Song, Stasia Black, A.S. Green, Brittni Chenelle, CC Solomon, Stella Williams, Charlee Garden, Kat Stiles, and Heather MacKinnon.

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