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Release Day!

Book Three in my alternate pen name spicy paranormal romance why choose series is out.

Do you like :
*steam 🥵 

*Omegaverse 🍆

*shifters, vampires, fae and deamons, witches 🧛

*Sassy FMC

*Overprotective MMC

*Diverse characters

*Strong plots


Then check out my Love and Bonds series! 99 cents for a limited time and Free on KU! https://a.co/d/g1cbVlh

I’m dealing with a demon stalker, dark mage attacks, a foretold betrayal, and my pack’s impending alpha ruts. It just might be that my new found family could be my biggest weakness instead of my greatest strength.

Book Release Day

Book Two in my Love and Bonds series under Liz E. Cooper is out and still just 99 cents for the ebook!

I’m definitely not in Baltimore anymore.

Swept up in a magical tornado by an evil wizard, I land in the dark fae realm far from home. I’ve got my trusty ice magic, but none of that helps me get out of a realm that wants to enslave and kill humans.
Now I’m forced to rely on three hot but seriously dangerous fae in a terrifying world.

I’ve had to fight all my life. In foster homes. In school. In the military. I finally made something of myself and became a bakery owner. Then I put it all at risk, gaining the eye of an evil mage sect bent on taking over my coven.
Now I’m banished and fighting for my life with strangers whose motives are far from wholesome but who have awakened desires in me I can’t control.
There’s the cold, alpha captain, Yosef.
His twisted, blood-drinking lieutenant, Xander.
Finally, the brutal dragon with a heart, Luca.
Thrust in the middle of a fae civil war, I also fight to find the green-haired wizard who sent me here while dodging the attention of the human-hating fae court.
Will I be trapped forever in another realm, or will I escape, leaving these fae behind?

Love and Magic is a very loose retelling of The Wizard of Oz. It’s the sequel to Love and Bonds but can be read as a stand alone.