New Release

Finally the sequel to Deathly Touch is available for Pre-order for just 99 cents until the May 17th release!

Deathly Dreams

First there are the nightmares.
Then, there’s the violence.
Next, the loss of control.
Finally, death in real life.

Evan’s return after six months comes with a dark secret he won’t share, leaving a rift in his relationship with Jazmine. When his long-lost brother, who may present another hurtle for the pair, comes knocking, the couple’s reunion becomes even rockier.

However, he isn’t the only one withholding deadly information.

Jazmine kept a busy life during Evan’s departure, including joining a dangerous, fighting task force. However, her new job might cost her life when she and her teammates are afflicted with a dream curse.

When Jazmine’s affliction begins to show signs of progression, Evan and Jazmine must face secrets that could test their relationship. With the clock running, the two must race to find out who is behind the possible curse before time runs out.

When your dreams can literally kill you, where can you escape?