Cover Reveal

Finally the cover to Mystic Realms, novella to the Paranormal World Series. in this book we find out where Lisa disappeared to and what lead her to the actions that occurred in book Two.

Currently I’m looking for reviewers. You’ll get an ebook copy of the book before the release in exchange for an honest review on Amazon and Goodreads. Contact me if you are interested!

Lisa Xu was just on the cusp of becoming a major style influencer when the supernatural apocalypse came and changed her life forever. Becoming a fairy and learning she’s a part of a special Six meant to save the world is so not what she signed up for. After losing yet another loved one to the chaos of the new world, Lisa takes an offer from an old friend to finally visit the Fae Realm as an escape. However, there is more to this land than the marbled streets and sprinkled treats she was anticipating. Now Lisa must fight off a dark presence on her trail and make a decision that could devastate her life and those she left behind in the Human Realm. Top that off with a handsome Elven King out to woo her for sinister reasons and Lisa’s dream vacation has become more of a nightmare. This hairdresser from Jersey is so not cut out for this new world but she’s going to have to step up if she plans to survive.

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