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February Edition

I don’t know about you but I’m already counting down until Spring. This month I talk online dating, my new favorite beauty product, and my new section, Out the Box, which will cover anything from nightlife, blogs, books, and pop culture.


Online Dating Etiquette 101
After years of on and off usage of online dating and hearing stories from various people, I’ve put together some of my top etiquette when online/app dating to keep your karma shiny and your dating successful.

If you swipe then respond- Why waste the time winking/swiping/staring or whatever and then fail to communicate with that person? I know some use apps like Bumble or Tinder as a confidence booster but there are other places to go for that kind of need.

Don’t spend too much time texting/messaging- The goal is to meet people. If you are still messaging someone two weeks in without even a phone call, move on. The only reason this pen pal situation drags on is because the person is seeing someone else but wants you waiting in the wings, is catfishing you, is married, is wasting your time.

Don’t be a no show- Online dating shouldn’t make a person less courteous to others. You are still speaking with an actual person online so treat them with respect.

Keep the conversation going- This one is a common pet peeve. If a person writes to you and you respond, add something more than just a response to the question to add value. If all you are doing is answering the questions or just adding “and you?”, this is not a conversation. This is borderline interviewing and it shows disinterest in getting to know the other person.

Be honest- The truth is going to come out and if you’ve ever watched Catfish, no amount of a good personality is going to makeup for the lie. Use real, recent pictures with close ups and full body shots. Don’t fudge your height. Don’t lie about your age or job. Don’t hide that you are separated or have kids. I find that if you are real in your profile you have more confidence upon the first meeting because you’ve always presented the authentic you.

Limit your options- It can be overwhelming and almost like a game to keep swiping all day but if you spread yourself thin are you really able to make a connection (assuming that’s what you want)? Focus on a few people and put real effort in. If nothing works, then move on.

And of course, last but not least, have fun. When it starts to feel like work, take a break.

Product of the Month

I love a good blush if it helps to bring an enhancing pop to your face. I cringe whenever I see someone who just puts some pink on their cheeks and keeps it moving. Blush should add depth or accentuate your best, almost like contouring. This month I got Seraphine Botanicals Lychee and Gold blush. This pink blush has a light shimmer to it that gives a nice highlight and a lit from within look.

Out the Box

I’m a movie buff and avid reader, but I’m not one for the mushiness unless it’s laced in horror, science fiction, or fantasy. Since it’s February, I thought I’d recommend a couple of “out the box” romance books and movies.
If you like a bit of romance with your horror check out Warm Bodies. I found the story of a zombie falling in love with a girl (and not eating her) quite compelling despite how crazy the premise sounds.
If you like science fiction and romance check out the 2011 movie staring Ewan McGregor called Perfect Sense. Set in a world were a disease causes humankind to lose all their senses one by one, two people still manage to fall in love. Pulls the heartstrings and stuff.

For my readers, if you love urban fantasy (like I do) but still want some romance, check out the new series from Ilona Andrews (actually a husband and wife writing duo), Hidden Legacy. Set in a world where magic rules the day and the more you have of it, the higher in society you are. When two mages from different walks of life come together to track down a powerful bad guy, welp love and stuff happens.

Happy Valentine’s Day. Until next time!

SATC: Girl Code

I know this will come as a big surprise but I am a huge fan of Sex and the City. I will watch it all these years later and still find it totally relevant. So I wonder what a 30 something Carrie/Charlotte type o gal would say about some of her favorite episodes and how they applied to life 11 years after the series ended. So enter my series of posts called SATC Talk.

sex-and-the-city-season-1_71001357So watching the first season of SATC doesn’t get me the girlfriend vibe that the later seasons do but few fun series start with a bang and the first season still held many relatable messages and themes. One thing from the pilot episode I recall was the very ending when Samantha hooked up with the guy Charlotte had just finished having a very respectable date with (he wanted to hook up, she did not). I wasn’t clear if Samantha knew or not that he was Charlotte’s date but it got me thinking about girl codes. I have a few that I just assume all women know, let me know if you disagree or if I’m missing some. Read More